Our recruiters (English Division Dentistry)

Our recruiters

Our recruiters

Note : all candidates can apply directly to the Wroclaw Medical University or can apply via our partners. Please remember that we cannot take responsibility for information which is not supplied directly by the Wroclaw Medical University, especially if the information is provided by companies which are not our partners (including the agreement between candidate and recruitment company), especially if the information come from companies which are not our partners.

Dear Candidates,
since there are rumors, that one of our partner in Germany is a company called Studimed, we must definitely state, that this information is false. Wroclaw Medical University does not cooperate with such company.

Dear Candidates,
we would like to inform that the Wroclaw Medical University has suspended collaboration with German Students Office (GSO). All German, Austrian and Swiss candidates are asked to apply directly to the University or via our German partner - MediStart

Contact for candidates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

All German, Austrian and Swiss candidates who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University can also contact our German partner.
Company: MediStart | Medizin-Studienplaetze ohne NC & Wartezeit
Name: Mr Adrian Kaiser, MediStart-Studienplatzberater/Academic Advisor
FreeCall-Hotline in Germany: 0800-7070410
Phone: +494041343660
Fax: +494041343661
E mail: info@medistart.de
Website: www.medistart.de

Contact for candidates from Iran:

All Iranian candidates who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University may contact our Iranian partner.
Company: Avicenna`s International Group
Name: Natallia Rymsha ( in Poland)
Phone: +48 515 48 00 69
Name: Mousa Behniafard ( in Iran)
Phone: +98 912 104 4906
E mail: education@avicennas.info

Contact for candidates from South-Eastern Asia:
Candidates from South-Eastern Asian countries who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University may contact our partner : Lin’s International Education Management Group of Companies

Lin’s Taipei Office

9F., No.16, Sec. 1, Hankou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan
E-mail: service@liemg.com.tw
E-mail: iris.hsiao@liemg.com
TEL: 02-23889345
FAX: 02-23751420

Lin’s Taichung Office
9F., No.60, Sec. 4, Fuxing Rd., East Dist.,
Taichung City 401, Taiwan
E-mail: service@liemg.com.tw
E-mail: diego.lai@liemg.com
TEL: 04-22233119

Lin’s Kaohsiung Office
6F.-4, No.240, Zhongshan 1st Rd., Xinxing Dist.,
Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan
E-mail: service@liemg.com.tw
E-mail: linda.chen@liemg.com
TEL: 07-2356119
FAX: 07-2353030

Lin’s Bangkok Office

184/96 Forum Tower 19fl. Huaikwang ,
Bangkok 10310 Thailand
TEL: (+66)2-6454085, (+66) 2-6454084
Email: info@liemgthailand.org

Lin’s Yangon office:
Zone A, 3rd Floor, Room-01, Golden City Business Center, Yankin Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar
TEL: 09-43181990
E-mail: kyawzayarlinn2012@gmail.com

Lin’s Beijing Office

Room 548, International Studrnts' Dormitory of Peking University Health Science Center, No. 38 Xuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing China
E-mail: chun@liemg.com.tw
TEL: +86-15910337831
Lin’s Shanghai Office
Room 1009,Building B,Sunyong Center NO.28 Xuanhua Road,Changning Dist,Shanghai
E-mail: 1204167689@qq.com
M: +86-21-51035077 +86 18616283706
TEL: 021-51035077
QQ: 1204167689
Lin’s Wenzhou Office
Room 2710 Xuefu Image, Business Center, Chashan University Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,China
(Lins office)
E-mail: 2151713324@qq.com
M: +86-13587676200
QQ: 2151713324

Lin’s Manila Office

64 Rosal St., Villa Teresa Subdivision, Marulas,Valenzuela City, Philippines
TEL: (632) 294-4401,
(632) 291-5945,
(632) 291-5955
Fax No: (632) 293-5119
Email: liemgmichael0918@gmail.com
Email: chris@liemg.com

Lin’s Tokoyo office

東京都新宿区西新宿4-1-10 東建ニューハイツ西新宿810号室
E-mail: iris.hsiao@liemg.com
TEL: +81-080-24140412
FAX: +8--080-24140412

Lin’s Coopearated Office

B1,20, Dongmak-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04072
TEL: 010-8998-9345
FAX: +886-7-2353030