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Computer typesetting studio
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Editing and proofreading of English-language publications
Joanna Gudarowska, MA
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Editing and proofreading of Polish-language publications
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Although the original purpose of establishing the Wroclaw Medical University Press in 1976 was to enable the rapid publication of papers and thus scientific development and earning degrees for the University's researchers, we have greatly expanded its field of activity in recent years. At present, our main focus is on promoting the successes of Polish researchers, including those abroad, which is supported by numerous publications in English. We ensure the high scientific and editorial quality of the content we provide, which is intended for both researchers and students.

Accessibility is an important aspect of our activity, which is why we publish many of our materials in an electronic version (open access). International distribution and presence in the most popular scientific databases are no less important in that context.

We publish mainly monographs, English-language scientific journals, academic textbooks, scripts, materials from conferences and symposia, as well as souvenir publications. The authors of our publications are renowned employees of various scientific institutions. Scientific disciplines that we are particularly interested in are: medicine, pedagogy, cognitive and social communication sciences, medical cybernetics and biomedical engineering, as well as automation and robotics.

Our review procedures are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we also use anti-plagiarism systems to safeguard the originality of scientific works. We also follow the procedures of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which indicate the mode of action in cases when scientific dishonesty is discovered in the submitted material, inter alia. We actively combat the lack of respect for good morals in science. The manifestation of such practices is, for example, a situation when the author's participation was negligible or non-existent, and yet that person was a co-author of the publication (guest authorship) or when a person made a significant contribution to the creation of the work and was not disclosed as a co-author (ghostwriting).

The rules for reviewing texts submitted for publication are in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science (presently the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) found in the brochure "Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce" (Good practice in review procedures in science).


Our periodicals meet the formal requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and are indexed in most of the world's major scientific databases (e.g. MEDLINE, Scopus, Index Copernicus, Science Citation Index Expanded, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition).

We publish periodicals in such fields of science as: medicine, scientific and experimental research ("Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine"), materials and composites sciences ("Polimery w Medycynie" (Polymers in Medicine)), dentistry and dental surgery ("Dental and Medical Problems" ).

We handle periodicals comprehensively: we take care of administrative issues, editorial work (also in English) and typography, website maintenance and distribution in Poland and abroad.

We publish all periodicals in an electronic version available online in the open access system.

All articles in our periodicals are assigned a DOI number.


Our publishing house is a place where tradition is combined with modernity. The publishing process involving the works sent to us is a proven system developed over many years. At the same time, we use the latest technological solutions to make the publications we produce - the results of the work of scientists in various fields of medicine - accessible.

We publish:

  • monographs and popular science books from various branches of medicine;
  • academic textbooks and scripts;
  • post-conference materials;
  • publications by researchers from the University and outside.

Editorial team

The editorial team of the Wroclaw Medical University Press consists of competent editors, DTP graphic designers and a distribution specialist. We guarantee:

  • one editor for a given title during the entire publishing process, as well as personal contact with the authors and adapting the shape of the publication to their needs;
  • careful linguistic editing with elements of substantive editing carried out by an experienced employee of the publishing house;
  • unique typographic design for the publication and a professional cover;
  • typesetting and page makeup;
  • thorough proofreading of a text, also in English;
  • quality control of printing and binding in the printing house;
  • sale of publications in Poland and abroad.

Distribution outside Poland

We have experience in international cooperation. Many authors of our articles and other publications come from internationally known research centres. We also offer:

  • direct cooperation with bookshops, wholesalers and book retailers throughout Poland;
  • contact with libraries and scientific institutions in Poland and abroad;
  • own, dynamically operating point of sale serving Polish and foreign customers and enabling orders to be accepted 24 hours a day.


Guidelines for authors

Guidelines for the preparation of publications and a description of the publishing process can be found in Appendix 3 to the Regulations of the Wroclaw Medical University Press.


Principles of merit scoring

The principles of merit scoring can be found on the website of the Library of Wroclaw Medical University.


Translations of our books

Please be advised that it is possible to have the textbooks of the Wroclaw Medical University Press translated from Polish into English and have the items published in English translated into Polish. The purpose of translating is to equalise the level of teaching of a given subject within the English Division,

as well as to enable Polish-speaking students to use items published for English readers.


Following Order no. 12/XVI R/2023 of the Rector of Wroclaw Medical University of 30 January 2023, a fee for the publication of articles in the magazine "Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine" is introduced:

- a fee for the original article in the amount of EUR 990 or, in case of payment in Polish currency, a fee in the amount of PLN 4900;
- a fee for a review article in the amount of EUR 700 or, in case of payment in Polish currency, a fee in the amount of PLN 3,500;
- authors publishing research letters and research in progress pay a fee in the amount of EUR 350 or, in case of payment in Polish currency, a fee in the amount of PLN 1,750.


Our magazines (cover images below)

cover ACEM

Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Title abbreviation: Adv Clin Exp Med
ISSN: 1899-5276
e-ISSN: 2451-2680
Monthly magazine

Website: https://advances.umw.edu.pl/

The monthly magazine "Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine" has been published by Wroclaw Medical University since 1992. The magazine includes high-quality articles in the field of medicine in its broadest sense - all its branches: original and review works. The magazine has had an impact factor calculated since 2009 (1,736 this year), and it has been indexed in the MEDLINE database since 2012.

cover DMP

Dental and Medical Problems

Title abbreviation: Dent Med Probl
ISSN: 1644-387X
e-ISSN: 2300-9020
Quarterly journal

Website:  https://dmp.umw.edu.pl/ The „Dental and Medical Problems” journal was created in 1960 on the initiative of Prof. Tadeusz Owiński and was initially called "Wrocławski Biuletyn Stomatologiczny" (Wroclaw Dental Bulletin). In 1965, the name of the journal was changed to "Wrocławska Stomatologia" (Wroclaw Dentistry) and then, in 2002, the English title "Dental and Medical Problems" was adopted. The journal includes English-language scientific papers from all fields of dentistry and related fields of medicine and biology. In 2002, the format and layout of the journal were changed and new rules for publishing papers were developed in 2021 - in line with current international requirements. The journal has had an impact factor calculated since 2023.

cover PIM

Polimery w Medycynie
Polymers in Medicine

Title abbreviation: Polim Med
ISSN: 0370-0747
e-ISSN: 2451-2699
Biannual magazine

Website: https://polimery.umw.edu.pl/

The journal is a biannual magazine published since 1971; it includes English-language original works (technical, analytical, experimental, clinical), preliminary reports and review works on the use of synthetic and natural polymers and biomaterials in various fields of medical sciences, pharmacy, biotechnology and veterinary medicine (e.g. biochemistry, clinical medicine, pharmacology, controlled drug delivery, dentistry, implantology and bioengineering).

Sale of books

E-mail orders (shipment possible): zamowienia@umw.edu.pl
 On-site: administrative section of the Scientific Medical Information Centre,
 ul. Marcinkowskiego 2–6, ground floor, room 0A 111.1
Payment at the office in cash only!

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