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News | 27.03.2023

Summer Internship Programmes - LAST CALL

Dear Students,

Please be advised that the summer internship programmes are an integral part of your studies and it is not acceptable to have any uncompleted internships in your academic year!

If there are no internships completed in your year, a conditional enrollment will be given. However, if the internship programme is your third subject that has not been passed yet, you will be obligated to repeat the whole year.  Please also note that three uncompleted internship programmes would mean repeating the whole year too.

Please ensure that your completed internships have been inserted into mStudent application or the Virtual University accordingly.

If there are any documents that you have not submitted to the Dean’s Office yet (including confirmation of your internship or requests if you arranged an internship on your own), please submit them by 14th April 2023 at the latest.

Kind regards,
ED staff

Authored by: Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk-Prażmo Creation date: 27.03.2023 Update authored by: Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk-Prażmo Update date: 27.03.2023