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Aktualności | 08.03.2023

All years - Prolongation of student ID cards

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you, that student ID cards will be renewed from:

1st year, 3rd year and 4th year  - 20.03.2023

2nd year - 21.03.2023

5th year – 22.03.2023

6th year - 27.03.2023

Representants of the years will collect your cards from the whole year and bring them to the Dean's Office on a specified date. PLEASE DO NOT COME INDIVIDUALLY OR IN SMALLER GROUPS!

Kind regards,
ED staff

Autor: Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk-Prażmo Data utworzenia: 08.03.2023 Autor edycji: Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk-Prażmo Data edycji: 08.03.2023