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News | 04.03.2024

We got it!

The Minister of Science and Higher Education has recognized the Strategy for the Development of the Medical University of Wroclaw for 2024-2026. This means additional funds to better prepare for efforts to become a research university, Prof. Piotr Ponikowski, rector of the Medical University of Wroclaw, explained in a statement.

The proposal, coordinated by the UMW Project Management Center team led by Director Elżbieta Olejnik, provides broad and innovative support for our research and teaching activities, focusing on seven key areas:

  • initiation and development of pilot leading research teams,
  • funding of micro-grants in the area of translational medicine and clinical research, which are a challenge for modern medicine,
  • creation of interdisciplinary teams that will provide a link between research achievements and teaching practice,
  • initiation and implementation of modern forms of training of students and doctoral students under the policy of research-oriented teaching,
  • intensifying training for university employees, including administrative staff, with the aim of even more effective international cooperation,
  • supporting the internationalization of research and education, opening up to cooperation with foreign scientists,
  • increasing the university's international recognition by obtaining the "HR Excellence in Research" distinction.

This project is a milestone in the "Initiative of Excellence - Research University" competition. This is a great development opportunity for eager UMW employees, students and doctoral students.Detailed information on support will be published by the Project Management Center here>>


Authored by: Monika Szymańska-Antosiak Creation date: 04.03.2024 Update authored by: Monika Szymańska-Antosiak Update date: 04.03.2024