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Aktualności | 20.12.2022

Pre- recruitment postgraduate studies European Master Degree in Oral Implantology.

Postgraduate Education Centre Wroclaw Medical University is planning to open the Postgraduate Studies "European Master Degree in Oral Implantology" in English. 
Study description:
Due to the dynamic growth of implantology and dental implant prosthetics in the
 rehabilitation of patients with single and multiple tooth loss, there is a growing need 
for highly qualified specialists in this area. European and Polish dentists after graduation 
are insufficiently prepared to conduct implantological treatment. Therefore, the Medical University 
of Wroclaw decided to meet the challenge and decided to take an active part in the practical teaching 
of implantology and dental implant prosthetics.

Candidates are expected to have: intermediate experience and skills in the field of dental surgery, 
periodontology and dental implantology. The formula for presenting one's own achievements
 is currently being specified, but documented skills will certainly be important in the
 recruitment process. Candidates for students should know English at least at B2 level. 

It should be clearly emphasized: the dominant field of the "master" is dental surgery 
(prosthetics will constitute about 20% of the curriculum)

If you are interested in participating, please fill out and send the following application form to the following address: podyplomowe-ckp@umw.edu.pl
For more information, please email: podyplomowe-ckp@umw.edu.pl

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