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Blended Intensive Programm "DentalOmics"

Call for participants for Blended Intensive Programm "DentalOmics: Transnational agreement for interdisciplinary dentistry".

Are you a Student of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene or Medicine, or are you a PhD Student in the field that makes you interested in dentistry? Then this Blended Intensive Program is for you!

We know that you would like to broaden your horizons, and skillset so here is the proposition to do so. Book your time from 19.06. till 30.06. when the Blended Intensive Programm "DentalOmics" will be performed in Poland, at Wroclaw Medical University. 

We have chosen  the seminars of great researchers from field of Dentistry, General Medicine and Laboratory Medicine from the top European Universities, such as:

  • Sapienza University (Italy), 
  • Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and 
  • University of Cagliari (Italy),
  • and organising the event Wroclaw Medical University (Poland).

Scientists and clinical practitioners will provide you with their experience from above mentioned fields. Additionally, we will have an honour to participate in the seminars of partners from Brazil, both from: 

  • University of Campinas, rated one of the best Universities in South America and 
  • Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz): the most prominent Institution of Science and Technology in Health in Latin America. 

Financing: Participation in the event is free of charge, limit of applications apply. As per financing of your stay at Wroclaw Medical University, your institution as an ERASMUS+ partner can provide you with the financing for a short term mobility for this event, please contact your ERASMUS+ office. You can also use your own funds to participate in this event.

Who can apply: Dentistry Students from the years of studies 4th, 5th or above or a PhD Students; required knowledge of English at the level of B2. All seminars and practical classes will be performed in English.

Confirmation: you will receive the certificate of participation in the event for both virtual and in person presence.

Send your applications (available here) till 14.04.2023 to dr Irena Duś-Ilnicka to the email: irena.dus-ilnicka[at]umw.edu.pl and copy to MA Sława Ksenycz to the email: slawa.ksenycz[at]umw.edu.pl

DentalOmics Program
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