Transfer students

General Information

Candidates from other medical universities in Poland or abroad, who have attended a programme of Medicine in English before, can apply for a transfer to the 6-year medical programme at Wrocław Medical University (WMU) within the same faculty, up to the 3rd year only. 

Transfers take place at the beginning of the academic year, in October, once you have completed your previous academic year and have met all requirements at your current university. 

Please note that your documents will be considered if you have completed your studies, which means that:

- you have completed all subjects, internship programmes and passed all your exams,

- you have an active student status. 

Admission Criteria for Transfer Students

Please submit the following documents between 1st August 2024 and 15th August 2024 (only original documents via regular post):

1. Completed application form - found at the bottom of this website. 

2. Original transcript of records from your current university.

3. Original High School Diploma plus apostille (both with Polish translation).

NOTE: Original High School Diploma (or its copy certified by a public notary) of a sufficiently high standard must be legalized by a Polish consulate (or other institution authorized to this procedure) in the country of your origin as the equivalent to the Polish Secondary School Certificate. Students with a diploma from countries,which are members of the Hague Conference on Private Law, must receive an apostille on the original High School Diploma ( The diploma must be then submitted to the Department of Education in Poland (in Polish: Kuratorium Oświaty) in order to be recognized as the equivalent to the Polish High School Diploma.

5. Certificate from the Polish Embassy or other authorized institution stating that this diploma entitles its owner to continue higher education at university level (unless such a statement is provided on the diploma).

6. Students, holding IB or EB High School Diplomas, do not need to have an apostille or the certificate indicated in point 5.

7. Students,who transfer from other Polish Universities, should provide two certificates: a medical and a sanitary one. Please request referral letters from your current university. 

8. Students, who transfer from a foreign University, should also complete the Health Certificate - found at the bottom of this website. 

9. An English language certificate confirming English language proficiency at a minumum level of B2, for example: FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL. The list of accepted certificates can be found at the bottow of this website.

10. A photocopy of your passport.

11. Your Grade Average – GPA (authorized by your current university).

Tuition Fees 

Transfer students pay the same fee for their first year at WMU as the first year students, and the standard fee for the following years.


Year of Study

Tuition (PLN)


62 384


62 384


62 384


62 384


62 384


62 384


374 304 PLN

When sending your documents, please ensure that you write TRANSFER STUDENT on your envelope. 

Incomplete documents will not be considered.

Please send your documents to:

Wrocław Medical University, English Division
Chalubinskiego 6a,
50-368 Wrocław, Poland

If you require any further details, please contact Patrycja Markiewicz at: