Faculty of Pharmacy

Wydział Lekarsko-Stomatologiczny
Filia w Wałbrzychu (Kierunek Lekarski)
Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Wroclaw Medical University began its activity shortly after the end of hostilities. Immediately after the liberation, a group of scientists associated with the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv came to Wrocław. The group of the professors from Lviv was joined by volunteers from other parts of the country, professionally associated with the medical and pharmaceutical community. The task of the group was to re-establish a Polish higher medical school in Wrocław, destroyed by the war.

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1946 by the Decree of the Council of Ministers, initially as the Pharmacy Unit at the Faculty of Medicine of the University and Technical University in Wrocław, and from January 1950 - as the Faculty of Pharmacy at Wroclaw Medical University. The first director of the Faculty of Pharmacy was Prof. Tadeusz Baranowski, PhD - Head of the Division of Physiological Chemistry, and his deputy was Prof. Bogusław Bobrański, PhD – head of the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The Wrocław authorities allocated a building at 38/39 Szewska Street, which had housed the German Pharmaceutical Institute, to the newly-formed Pharmacy Unit. 80 per cent of the building was destroyed.

Wydział Farmaceutyczny

Together with the first students, the pioneers of pharmacy in Wrocław cleared the ground to prepare the building for the necessary construction works and to ensure at least provisional conditions for teaching. The inaugural speech was given by Prof. Grzegorz Poluszyński, PhD, on 6 March 1946. In the academic year 1946/47, 115 people started their studies in the first year, 125 in the second year, 49 in the third year and 9 in the fourth year of study. At the end of the 1940s, there were a total of approximately 300 students at the Faculty of Pharmacy. On 1 January 1950, based on the Regulation of the Council of Ministers, the Faculty of Medicine together with the Pharmacy Unit of the University and Technical University in Wrocław was transformed into an independent university, initially the Academy of Medicine, then the Medical Academy, and the Pharmacy Unit was renamed the Faculty of Pharmacy.

In the academic year 1979/1980, the Division of Medical Analytics was established at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which began training future employees of medical diagnostic laboratories - MAs in medical analysis. The first head of the Division of Medical Analytics, and the Vice-Dean later on, was Prof. Michał Masiak, PhD.

In 2012, the relocation of the departments and divisions of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Wroclaw Medical University to new premises, the so-called New Pharmacy (Nowa Farmacja), operating in accordance with the standards of modernity of the 21st century, began.

By the Order of the Rector of Wroclaw Medical University of 9 August 2019, the name of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Unit of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics was changed to the Faculty of Pharmacy.