Faculty of Health Sciences

Wydział Lekarsko-Stomatologiczny
Filia w Wałbrzychu (Kierunek Lekarski)
Faculty of Health Sciences

The academic traditions of post-war Wrocław date back to 24 August 1948, when the first Polish higher education institutions were established in the capital of Lower Silesia: University and Technical University. One of the six faculties of the University was the Faculty of Medicine, with 26 departments. In 1950, the University and Technical University were split and the Medical Academy was established. There were two faculties at that time: Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Faculty of Public Health was originally located in a building on Worcella Street, it is currently located at 5 Bartla Street in a building of a former nursing high school. In the interwar period, the building housed the "Charitasheim Sanatorium" run by German nuns. The Sanatorium operated until the end of the Second World War.

In 1957, the 1st National Congress of the Polish Nurses Association and the Section of Nurses of the Trade Union of Health Care Workers formulated a postulate to establish higher education in nursing. In 1959, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare appointed the Programme Committee for the establishment of higher education in nursing. The work lasting 6 years led to the creation of organisational and legal conditions for the establishment of nursing faculties at medical academies throughout Poland. In 1969, the first in nursing school in the country was established in Lublin - at the Medical Academy (Medical University of Lublin). The following years brought the establishment of nursing faculties: in 1974 in Katowice, in 1975 in Kraków and Poznań.

Wydział Nauk o Zdrowiu

The Faculty of Nursing at the Wroclaw Medical Academy was established in 1978. Following the decision of the Senate and the then Rector of the Medical Academy, Prof. Stanisław Iwankiewicz, the Rector's plenipotentiary for the establishment of the Faculty of Nursing was appointed in 1977. It was Józef Małolepszy, Doc., PhD. Following the Ordinance of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of 29 June 1978, the Faculty of Nursing was established at the Wroclaw Medical Academy, as the fifth in the country. Thanks to the help of the management of the School of Midwives, which made the rooms of the building at 25 Worcella Street available, the difficulties related to the premises were solved.

In the period from 1979 to 1984, the Faculty managed an extramural branch of 3-year supplementary master degree studies for the graduates of the liquidated teacher training courses for secondary medical schools. After 12 years (in 1996), due to the great demand, a 5-year master degree course was introduced in the extramural system.

In 1978, there were four divisions within the faculty: nursing pedagogy, social nursing, nursing work organisation, clinical nursing and rehabilitation. The first graduation diplomas were awarded in 1982.

By Resolution no. 620 of the Senate of the Wroclaw Medical University of 22 September 2008, the Faculty of Public Health was changed to the Faculty of Health Sciences. Currently, the Faculty of Health Sciences educates students in the following fields of study: nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, public health and medical rescue.