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Procedure Before Trip

Airline tickets on international routes and visa brokerage can only be purchased from a travel agency with which the University has an agreement*This means that the cost of a ticket purchased from another contractor is not refundable.The expatriate submits a completed set of documents** to the Department of International Cooperation at least 14 working days before departure:

  1. Questionnaire for a business trip abroad for UMW employees or, respectively, application for a trip abroad for non-employees of UMW,
  2. Application for a training leave of a UMW employee, if applicable
  3. Letter of invitation from abroad or information letter specifying the purpose, exact date, program and, if applicable, financial conditions of the trip,
  4. If payments related to the business trip are to be paid by bank transfer or payment card - a transfer invoice or a Bank Operation Order form*** completed and signed by the person intending to go abroad.

*Contract AZP.260.59.2023.TP with PLL LOT S.A., effective from 1.08.2023.  to 31.07.2024r., tel. 22 606 60 341

**updated files to be downloaded can be found in the Forms tab

***after submitting to the Department of International Cooperation an order for bank operation or a pro-forma invoice/receipt, the departing student is obliged to provide the original invoice upon return.

If the conditions of departure stipulate earlier payment deadlines, the documents referred to above should be submitted at least 14 working days before the required first payment date.

NOTE: in case of failure to meet the deadline, the University does not guarantee timely approval of the trip and is not responsible for any losses resulting from the delay.After approval of the trip, the procedure for booking and purchasing tickets is as follows: Direct booking of tickets at LOT Travel Ltd. (Air connection must be in economy class only):

  • independently - the person intending to go abroad makes a reservation at the LOT Travel Sp. z o.o. travel agency by e-mail at ki@lottravel.comza through the International Cooperation Department - the person intending to go abroad communicates a clear final choice of connection or preference for the trip to the International Cooperation Department


Monika Iwanicka 📧 ☎️ tel: 48 71 784 11 42

Piotr Mittelstaedt 📧 ☎️ tel: 48 71 784 11 44

Visa applications with attachments should be submitted directly to the LOT Travel office or through the International Cooperation Department. If a country's requirement, please fill out the application yourself online.

The validity and compliance of the identity documents taken with them on the trip, as well as knowledge of any sanitary requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic, is the responsibility of the departing traveler, who should personally check the detailed requirements for the above-mentioned matters in the country of choice, which can be found on the following website Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych - of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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